Healthy Lifestyles

WVohls activities are guided Everyday: A Statewide Plan to Improve Physical Activity and Nutrition”. The purpose of this state plan is to emphasize and endorse those intervention strategies that are evidenced based. The OHL, along with key stakeholders representing a variety of groups and organizations from around the state, developed the plan over the course of a three year period.

The OHL plan provides a frame work for local, state and institutional policy makers to work collaboratively to create and support environments that make it easier for WV residents to choose healthy foods and to be physically active. It is intended to present ideas that can be used by all peoples to help make healthier choices and maintain these lifestyle changes: Everyday.

Although there are a variety of goals could focus on, the following goals have been identified to be of the highest value to residents.

  • Increase Physical Activity
  • Promote Healthy Eating Habits
  • Boost Infant Breastfeeding
  • Advance Healthy Weight
  • Expand Access to Healthy Foods
  • Build Systems Capacity

The following objectives reflect changes in behavior, environment or policy needed to achieve the state’s goals. The objectives are grouped by stage of life and associated environments (e.g., school, workplace).

  • Breastfeeding Promotion
  • Early Childhood—Day Care and Schools
  • Childhood and Adolescence—School Sites
  • Higher Education
  • Worksites
  • Active Community Environments
  • Older Adults

Working together, residents can reduce the burden of chronic disease and obesity in the state.