So mothers can cook without worry

Many mothers prefer leaving someone to play with their babies while they cook. The trick might only work if you have someone at home as you use the kitchen. Suppose you are alone in the house, you can use other tricks to prevent your child from following you to the kitchen since they might get hurt. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Use Baby Carrier

Being home alone means you can’t leave your child with someone as you do the cooking. Thus, to keep your child from getting hurt in the kitchen, use a baby carrier to carry them on your back as you cook. That way, you will be 100% certain that your child is safe in the kitchen.

Make sure that you pick the right baby carrier that will last long enough. The carrier should be fastened around your waist so that your baby doesn’t fall even if you move vigorously in the kitchen.

  1. Give Baby Enough Toys

Babies follow their mothers to the kitchen because they seek attention. They want to be there with you and get the loving they deserve. Unfortunately, the kitchen is not the best place to do that. Therefore, make sure that your child has enough toys to keep them entertained while you do the cooking.
The toys should be placed in the living room, and make sure they’ve got all they need so that they don’t start missing you sooner. This trick works for babies who have begun to crawl or walk.

  1. Leave Baby on a High Chair or Crib

Babies are not good climbers, though some of them are always trying to challenge this fact. If you are alone at home, then a high chair or crib will keep your little one from accessing the kitchen.
When using this trick, you must ensure that the chair or crib is high enough so that the child can’t climb from it. If you are going to use a high chair, make sure that it is holstered so that the child doesn’t fall because they will always be trying to get off.

  1. Shut The Door Behind You

If your kitchen is spacious and well ventilated, then there is no problem shutting the door behind you when cooking. Before you start cooking, give your child something to steal their attention and close the door as you enter the kitchen.
The door should also remain shut when you are not at home. This is because the baby might access the kitchen without your knowledge and touch appliances that might hurt them. Also, try to keep sharp items such as knives in high cabinets where the baby can’t reach them.

Final Thoughts

The kitchen is one of the busiest spaces in your home. However, your child should never be there, especially when you do the cooking. The tips shared above will ensure that your child is safe when you are busy in the kitchen. If you have to take them to the kitchen with you, make sure to use baby carriers or something similar.